Stowaways Boarding Commercial Vessels, Warns Steamship


Steamship informed that it has become aware of a number of occurrences in recent months where stowaways have boarded vessels in European ports, with the intention of trying to reach Canada, says an article published in Safety4Sea.

Attempt to cross the Atlantic

This suggests a potential new trend of immigrants already in Europe attempting to cross the Atlantic.

This presents a risk that operators with vessels loading in Europe and bound for Canada should consider very seriously by taking all appropriate measures to prevent stowaways from boarding their vessels.

Focus on Stowaways

Last year, Human Rights at Sea issued an Insight Briefing Note focused on stowaways, looking at the background to incidents at sea, the drivers for individuals to take such risks, and the human consequences.

Stowaways continue to be found onboard commercial vessels causing disruption to the Master, crew, owner, and the voyage.

Necessity of precautions

In some circumstances, they may be a direct threat to the safety, security, and well-being of the crew and vessel, but in other circumstances they may be compliant, of no threat, seeking economic betterment, or fleeing persecution and human rights abuse.

As such, reasonable crew safety and security precautions must always be taken and it is vital to inform flag state, port(s) of transit, and the port of destination that stowaways are onboard. Nonetheless, stowaways retain fundamental human rights and must be treated accordingly.

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Source: Safety4Sea


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