Stowaways Hidden Inside Ship’s Refrigerator


On September 25, two stowaways who were found hiding inside the ship’s refrigerator for 13 hours were airlifted to hospital.

What happened?

The Kingsbridge Police received a distress all from a commercial passenger vessel situated off the coast of Cornwall. One of the men suspected to be from Afghanistan, was found to be unconscious when they were discovered. A rescue helicopter was dispatched to the scene after the alarm was raised. They are reportedly out of serious condition and have made a full recovery according to the officials.

Stayed hidden for 13 hours:

A spokesman from Kingsbridge Police said: “Just after 7.30pm police received information from Falmouth Coastguard that a distress call had been received from a vessel which was 20 miles off the coast of Start Point Lighthouse to say that they had located two stowaways in their refrigerator, and one of them was unconscious having been in there for over 13 hours. A rescue helicopter was scrambled from Newquay and two Afghan males were airlifted off the ship and immediately taken to Derriford Hospital.”

Taken into custody:

The men were taken into police custody and will be dealt with by the UK Border Agency.

The police spokesman added: “They have been seen by medical staff and their condition is not as serious as originally thought and have made a full recovery. The two men have now been arrested and remain in Charles Cross Police Station where they will be cared for before being dealt with by the UK Border Agency in the morning”.

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Source: Plymouth Herald


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