Strategic Marine Orders 50 IMO Tier III Engines


Caterpillar’s C32 Acert engines and pollution abatement technologies will be installed on new vessels built at Strategic Marine’s recently acquired shipyard in Singapore, says an article published in Riviera.

Catalytic reduction system 

If a selective catalytic reduction system is used to remove NOx from exhaust emissions, C32 Acert Caterpillar engines will be IMO Tier III compliant.

The new Strategic Marine shipyard at 5 Benoi Road in Singapore was purchased in February 2022. 

It will increase Strategic Marine’s capacity for shipbuilding, repair, and maintenance projects by 30,924 m2.

Aluminium craft

The majority of the C32 Acert engines will be installed on quick crew boats and crew transfer vessels, according to Strategic Marine. 

The shipyard makes passenger ferries, anti-pollution and utility vessels, quick patrol craft, and patrol and security ships out of aluminium.

The partnership with PT Trakindo Utama Singapore arises as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic and prolonged global semiconductor shortages, which have impacted global logistics and caused supply chain bottlenecks.

Costs to hedge

Even as industry lead times rise to an estimated 70 weeks, up from the current average of 15 weeks, Strategic Marine has guaranteed a pipeline of engines to alleviate unforeseen building delays.

This deal, according to the shipbuilder, will provide clients with pricing and delivery certainty, as well as cost lock-in to protect against escalating prices.

Strategic Marine has seen strong demand for its ships from clients in Asia and Europe, and has received a large number of inquiries from interested parties. 

It recently secured a deal for six ships, with another six in the works.

Study of market demand 

Following a thorough analysis of market demand and equipment supply situations, it began talks for its engines with PT Trakindo Utama Singapore in January 2022.

“We are constantly assessing the market and exploring ways to reduce delays surrounding critical equipment for our projects and ensure continued timely delivery of our projects,” said Strategic Marine chief executive Chan Eng Yew.

“Amid the disruptions caused by Covid-19, our priority is to shield customers from uncertainty by tapping on robust relationships with close partners such as PT Trakindo Utama Singapore. Negotiations were tough, but fair for both parties.”

Commit 50 engines

Strategic Marine’s vessels have been powered by Caterpillar engines for the previous two decades, according to PT Trakindo Utama Singapore general manager Widjanarko Hidajat.

“It is on the strength of this relationship that we have been able to confidently commit 50 engines to our strategic partner and support them as they continue to grow their business amid these challenging times,” he said.

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Source: Riviera


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