Streamlined Shipping: Iraq Adopts Maritime Single Window


Iraq Embraces Maritime Sector Digitalization

Iraq is embracing the move to digitalize its maritime sector, with plans to establish a single maritime window for the major ports of Um Qasr (North and South).

A team of IMO experts completed a mission to Basra (30 June – 4 July) to identify what support the country needs to deliver on its ambitions.

Since 1 January 2024, all IMO Member States are required to use a one-stop digital platform or “Maritime Single Window” (MSW) to exchange key information among relevant stakeholders and agencies involved in the arrival, stay and departure of ships at ports. This streamlines procedures, boosting the efficiency of shipping worldwide.

With more than 80% of Iraq’s imported goods passing through the Um Qasr ports, a maritime single window system will save time and costs. Once implemented, it will be extended to the Al-Faw Grand Port, scheduled to open in December 2024, and other Iraqi ports in the future.

IMO Expert Mission to Basra

IMO consultants met with senior Iraqi port officials, representatives from the maritime administration, government ministries, and other relevant authorities. The team conducted field visits to observe various port operations.

The detailed report from the mission, including recommendations, will serve as a reference for developing the MSW system in Iraq. This development will align with IMO principles and guidance and guide the creation of related IT platforms that will interact with the MSW.

The mission was delivered through the IMO’s Integrated Technical Cooperation Programme (ITCP) in coordination with the Maritime Attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, and the Ministry of Transport of Iraq, through the state-owned General Company of the port of Iraq.

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Source: IMO