Strengthening Maritime Insurance Standards: IMO’s Updated Guidelines


The International Maritime Organization (IMO) convened its Legal Committee (LEG) for its 111th session to enhance maritime insurance standards. Recently approved revisions to the Guidelines aim to provide clarity and consistency in accepting insurance companies and certificates for liability issues.

Revised Guidelines Overview

  1. Expanded Scope: The updated Guidelines now cover a broader range of conventions, including those addressing oil pollution damage, wreck removal, and hazardous substances carriage. This expansion ensures comprehensive guidance for State Parties involved in maritime liability matters.
  2. Enhanced Criteria: A new section on “Criteria for accepting Insurance Certificates” has been introduced, offering clear benchmarks for evaluating insurers and their documentation. These criteria have been refined and expanded to reinforce confidence in insurance providers’ reliability and financial security.
  3. Streamlined Process: The revised Guidelines facilitate a more efficient and consistent process for accepting insurance certificates by standardising definitions and documentation requirements. This streamlining promotes transparency and simplifies compliance for all stakeholders involved in maritime operations.

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Source: Safety4Sea