Subsurface Oil Plume In Pearl Harbor


Pearl Harbor

U.S. Navy records report a spill of nearly 5 million gallons of oil in Pearl Harbor.  The leaking fuel storage tanks and other sources have created a subsurface oil plume consisting mostly of bunker fuel to collect over the years near Halawa Gate.  The estimated cost of cleaning up the spill is estimated as tens of millions of dollars.

Carroll Cox, an environmental activist, has commented: “This is the most egregious, the most harmful environmental issue there is.  Oil should not be on the ground, diesel should not be on the ground because they are contaminants.”

“I think the most important thing is transparency.  This is something that has been happening for years both for this incident and others,” said State Representative Chris Lee, Chair of the House Environmental Protection Committee.

Hawaii’s State Health Department has informed that they believe the plume will not pass into the water, and might have a serious health and environmental damage if it is about to occur.

Source: Hawaii News Now