Suez Canal Records the Highest ‘Transit’ Record in the History

Credits: Oleksandr Kalinichenko/

Adm. Ossama Rabiee, Suez Canal Authority’s Chairman announced that navigation through the Canal has recorded an unprecedented record number in terms of daily transits achieving the highest number of vessels transiting the Canal by 107 vessels from both directions with a net tonnage amounting to 6.3 million tons with no waiting time.

56 vessels are heading southbound with a net tonnage of 3.4 million tons, while 51 vessels are heading North through the new waterway with a net tonnage of 2.9 million tons.

Big leap in the number of transiting vessels

Adm. Rabiee stressed that this big leap in the number of transiting vessels wouldn’t have been achieved without the New Suez Canal project which has succeeded to leverage the Canal’s capacity and readiness to accommodate the current and future generations of the mega vessels of mega drafts.

His Excellency added that the achieved unprecedented navigation records reflect the farsightedness of the political leadership of the economic and technical feasibility of the development projects of the waterway, whether on the short or long term, and the welfare that these projects can bring for the future generations, in the same context H.E. pointed to work continuity based on an aspiring strategy to develop the waterway by proceeding forward with executing the Canal’s Southern Sector Development Project which would allow increasing the navigational safety in that significant sector by 28%, in addition to increasing the navigational capacity by 6 extra vessels.

On top of the transitting vessels’ list, among the Southbound convoy, the mega vessel “EVER GIFTED“, labeled as one of the biggest container vessels in the world. “Ever Gifted” transited the Canal heading from Greece to Malaysia with 223 thousand tons of Cargo on board.

Meanwhile, sailing under the flag of Hong Kong, the container ship “COSCO SHIPPING UNIVERSE”, transited the Canal on top of the Northbound convoy heading from Singapore to Greece with 232 thousand tons of cargo on board.

Today, the Canal navigation traffic witnessed the transit of different types of mega vessels as 25 container ships, 28 bulk carriers, 33 tankers, 6 car carriers, and 15 other vessels varying from multi-purpose vessels to general cargo, etc, transited the Canal.

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Source: SCA


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