Sun-Ocean Combo To Provide Potable Water  



Water is becoming an increasingly rare commodity.  Overuse and mismanagement around the world have resulted in many water bodies drying up.  It is the age-old natural desalination process of coastal sea spray evaporating water and the water laden cloud going up to get condensed to rain.  All along man had been depended on the mercy of natural rain.  But man’s ingenuity and need due to predictable drought condition had promoted methods to store massive volumes of water or to desalinate ocean water.

Rocks, boulders and wave deflectors along the coastal line of course, increased the volume of coastal evaporation.  But, the rainfall occurred elsewhere.  A Western England coastal wind farm ‘harvests’, moisture laden winds that blow inland off the Irish Sea and produces fog downwind of the wind turbines.  The wind  turbines can increase prospects for rainfall in the coastal mountains.  Fog fences can also collect droplets of moisture from the mountain fog.

The water spouts caused by swirling air mass over warm water, lift droplets of water with salt and on reaching critical heights where water evaporates salt drops off.  A combination of artificially triggered waterspout, wind turbines and fog fences can theoretically create a highly localized micro-climate.

Source: wikipedia


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