Sunken Cargo Ship Killing Eight Men – “Predictable and Avoidable”!



On January 3 2015, the Cypriot-registered cement carrier was spotted in the Pentland Firth with its upturned hull by a passing ferry.  Later reports confirmed that the ship sank a day ago in the Pentland Firth with the loss of all eight crewman in “extraordinarily violent sea conditions”.

Today Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) review concluded that the disaster was “predictable and could have been avoided”, but that the decision to press ahead with the voyage had been driven by “perceived or actual commercial pressure” to avoid further delays after already falling 12 hours behind schedule.

Speed Read:

  • The decision to enter the Pentland Firth, rather than seek shelter, was almost certainly a result of poor passage planning.
  • No distress signal was transmitted – suggesting that vessel capsized suddenly.
  • The tragedy was linked to industry and commercial pressures at all levels in the management and oversight of the vessel.
  • Inadequate emergency preparedness and that safety rules and master’s orders were being ignored on board.

A company spokesman said: “At this time, we wish to express once again our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives.”

“The background to this accident is complex but the MAIB report and the company’s own investigations have done much to clarify a series of important issues.”

“Both investigations reach an identical conclusion.”

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