Sunken Navy Ship Turns The First Dive Park


A Mexican navy patrol ship, has been sunk in the waters off Baja California to create the country’s first dive park.  This is the first vessel intentionally sunk in Northwestern Mexico.  An year of complete cleansing in the Port of Ensenada ensured that it does not endanger underwater flora and fauna (plants and fish), as it becomes the new Rosarito underwater park to be located off Puerto Nuevo.

Rosarito will attract divers and tourists from the United States and from the world for the new diving adventure in the underwater park.  In addition to providing a great destination for divers, the underwater park will provide the science community with a field laboratory for the study of sea life, climate, and tides.

Fish has a higher survival rate in an artificial reef environment than in a natural one.  And ship which is difficult to be recycled  is converted into an artificial reef.  Artificial reefs are being created all over the world in hopes of reversing some of the damage we’ve all done to the underwater environs.

Source: Associated Press On YouTube


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