Sunken Ship Spills Oil, Pollutes Sea


On 6th October 2015, Lebanon flagged livestock carrier “Haidar” sank after developing a list at the Porto Vila do Conde in Barcarena, Brazil.  The vessel had 5000 animals and carrier had 700 metric tonnes of fuel on board when the incident occurred.

Further to the sinking, there was a heavy oil spill.  In spite of buoys being laid out to contain the spill, the oil sleek reached up to the beach of Conde in Barcarena, northeast of Pará, that had to be cordoned off.  Ships have been deployed to remove the surface oil and to empty the fuel tanks of the vessel that remains sunken underwater.  The entire salvage operations may take up to 40 days was the estimate given by the authorities.

Brazilian Institute of Environment (IBAMA) said that only about 100 oxen were rescued alive.  Most livestock either drowned or trapped inside the holds of the ship.  Divers from Vila do Conde were engaged to assess the situation and to find means of clearing the dead animals trapped within.

Source: Vessel Finder