SunRui Secured An Additional 8 FGSS Contracts

Credit: SunRui Marine Environment Engineering

SunRui won another 8 FGSS orders! states a Xinde Marine News.

SunRui Marine Environment Engineering

Recently, SunRui Marine Environment Engineering has won an order for 8 sets of high-pressure marine LNG gas supply systems (FGSS) from Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry. The FGSS equipment signed this time will serve the 7500CEU dual-fuel PCTCs built by Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry for Japanese shipowner SANTOKU and Swiss shipowner SALLAUMLINES.

Signing of this batch

The signing of this batch of orders marks SunRui becoming one of the few manufacturers in the industry with independent large tank design and supply capabilities. As of now, the company has received 58 sets of FGSS orders.

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Source: Xinde Marine News