Super Cranes Elevate Savannah’s Trade Potential

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The Port of Savannah takes a monumental leap in operational prowess with the arrival of four cutting-edge Super Post-Panamax cranes, a vital step towards enhancing efficiency and accommodating future trade demands.

  • The Port of Savannah welcomes four advanced Super Post-Panamax cranes, bolstering operational efficiency and global connectivity.
  • These innovative cranes, designed by Konecranes of Finland, amplify the port’s capabilities with impressive specifications and heightened reach.
  • This strategic addition is part of the port’s larger infrastructure improvement plan, poised to accommodate larger vessels and stimulate significant job growth in Georgia.

Strengthening Operations with State-of-the-Art Cranes

The Port of Savannah, a beacon of maritime trade, recently welcomed a notable upgrade to its infrastructure as four cutting-edge Super Post-Panamax ship-to-shore cranes arrived. This addition signifies a significant advancement in the port’s capabilities, aligning with its commitment to offer unparalleled efficiency and global connectivity.

Elevating Terminal Capacity

Griff Lynch, President and CEO of the Georgia Ports Authority, expressed his excitement over the arrival of these cranes and highlighted their role in expediting operations for ocean carriers. With an increased fleet of 34 cranes at the Garden City Terminal, the port is primed to provide swift turnarounds for vessels, including the largest ones calling on the U.S. East Coast.

Innovative Features and Specifications

Designed by Konecranes of Finland, these all-electric cranes bring innovation to the forefront. Among the four cranes, two will reach a towering height of 306 feet, while the other pair will stand at 295 feet when fully assembled. These cranes are equipped with a remarkable reach, capable of handling 22 to 24 containers in width, a testament to their remarkable efficiency.

A Forward-Looking Approach

This strategic addition is part of the Port of Savannah’s broader infrastructure enhancement plan, aligning with its $1.9 billion investment to cater to future supply chain needs. These Super Post-Panamax cranes, coupled with the recently renovated Berth 1, spotlight the port’s forward-looking approach to accommodate larger vessels and rising container volumes.

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