Superyacht Full Year Review 2022

Credit: Venti Views/Unsplash

Using VesselsValue data, Rory Jackson, Head of Superyachts, summarises the key trends of the Superyacht market in 2022, says an article published on Vesselsvalue.

This article looks into the sector’s liquidity, sales and values, supply and deliveries, demand utilisation, and sector breakdowns by vessel age. Read the full piece here.

“During the periods of economic downturn, the 24-30m market showed the earliest signs of decreasing activity in 2022. Due to the relative financial instability of buyers that ordinarily purchase in this sector, they are usually responsive to both negative and positive economic change compared to those purchasing vessels over 60m…”  Read more.

“The percentage decrease in total sales value was less than the percentage decrease in number of total sales, which is indicative of an industry that has increased in price on average and maintained a high level of demand. The total value of Superyacht assets sold in 2022 is USD 4,528.2 mil compared to USD 6,105.9 mil in 2021…”  Read more.

“It is accepted that the Superyacht market is finite, and we can see that the boom experienced was not set to last. Seeing the market cool in 2022 suggests firstly that there is less quality capacity left in the market than in 2021.  Secondly, the slowing down of activity may be a by product of prices increasing for those vessels that were still available…”  Read more.


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Source: Vesselsvalue


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