Sustainable Shipping Spotlight: World EDCIS Day 2023

Credit via Hydro International

The upcoming World EDCIS Day, a global event occurring every two years, will take place in Hamburg on 6 September 2023. The event focuses on promoting Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) and digital navigation in the maritime sector. The theme for this year, “Shipping: The Business of Fine Margins,” emphasizes the significant role ECDIS plays in enhancing efficiency, safety, profitability, and environmental performance for shipping companies globally, as published on Hydro International

Digital charting systems

ECDIS has brought about a revolutionary change in the navigation of ships worldwide, introducing digital charting systems that enhance situational awareness, route planning, and collision prevention. These state-of-the-art systems have effectively mitigated the risk of maritime accidents and overall improved navigation safety. Additionally, ECDIS empowers vessels to optimize their routes, resulting in substantial fuel savings and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Leveraging future-proof technology

World ECDIS Day 2023 will feature workshops, discussions, and demonstrations presenting the latest ECDIS and digital navigation solutions. The event serves as a platform for sharing knowledge on navigation, safety, vessel efficiency, and environmental performance. This year’s focus is on the integration of ECDIS and vessel efficiency, emphasizing the maritime industry’s ability to enhance safety, commercial margins, carbon footprint reduction, and ocean preservation through technology.

World ECDIS Day 2023 will cover topics like ECDIS integration with emission reduction strategies, eco-routing, and data analytics for vessel performance optimization. The event aims to showcase how ECDIS can facilitate the industry’s shift toward sustainable practices in line with global environmental objectives. By promoting ECDIS technology adoption and responsible shipping practices, World ECDIS Day contributes to addressing climate change and environmental sustainability challenges in the maritime sector.

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Source: Hydro International