Svanehøj Bags Fuel Pump Orders For 22 LNG-Powered ULCVs


Svanehøj to supply pumps for 22 LNG-powered ultra-large container vessels (ULCVs), says an article published in BunkerSpot.

Capacity of fleet

The ULCVs will range in capacity from 15,000 to 23,500 TEUs and a total of 44 22-meter-long pumps will be delivered to the Korean shipyards by the end of 2023.

Svanehøj’s said that its DW pump can operate with ‘significantly longer service intervals’ compared to other pumps, which ‘means only two pumps per ship are required instead of the usual three; and they are ‘more robust to impurities in the gas’, making them more reliable.

An excellent opportunity 

Johnny Houmann, sales director at Svanehøj, commented: ‘The two orders are a breakthrough for us and the result of a very constructive dialogue with shipyards and shipping companies. Our deep well pumps are different from the pumps traditionally used on container vessels. This has some obvious benefits that we have had an excellent opportunity to present in the process.’

Svanehøj added that the orders from South Korea come at a time when the market for container ships is growing rapidly and there is also growing investment in LNG dual-fuel technology.

A proven and a future-proof solution

‘The interest in LNG has never been greater,’ said Houmann, ‘and with the new orders as a backrest, we are now directing an increased focus on the container segment. We already have an impressive reference list that shows that our DW fuel pump is a proven and future-proof solution. We have supplied fuel pumps for handling LNG, LPG, and ethane. We are also participating in projects on ammonia-fueled engines, which is considered by many to be the best option for the CO2 neutral fuel of the future.’

Svanehøj said that its sales of fuel pumps tripled in 2020 and ‘contributed greatly’ to boost the company’s turnover from DKK 288 million to DKK 388 million ($46.3 million to $62.3 million).

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