Svanehøj Witnesses LPG Tankers Embracing Ammonia in Cargo Mix

Credits: Off Shore Energy

Svanehøj, a Danish-based pump manufacturer, has witnessed a remarkable surge in demand for ammonia-ready cargo pumps as the maritime industry transitions to cleaner fuels.

Embracing Green Fuels

The company said the share of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tankers equipped with ammonia-ready cargo pumps has escalated substantially in Svanehøj’s order book.

From a modest 25% in 2019, ammonia-ready cargo pumps are set to encompass nearly two-thirds of all scheduled tanker orders by 2024.

Vital Link for Ammonia

The pumps are used in tankers, specifically LPG tankers, to handle and transport ammonia (NH3) as cargo. The cargo pumps are essential for loading, unloading, and transferring ammonia on and off the tankers.

In Svanehøj, we take pride in being flexible and adapting solutions to suit any challenges a shipowner or a shipyard may encounter. As no one yet knows what types of fuel will become dominant in the future, we at Svanehøj are in a strong position with our multigas technology, which enables a ship to adapt according to developments in the market and changing legislations,” says Johnny Houmann, CSO in Svanehøj.

One of Svanehøj’s upcoming LPG/ammonia projects is an order from LGE, where Svanehøj will supply ammonia-ready cargo pumps for five VLGCs.

The contract includes a total of 40 cargo pumps and 10 booster pumps.

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Source: Offshore Energy


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