Swedish Club Further Enhances PEME Programme


  • Pre-employment medical examination (PEME) is a procedure every seafarer has to deal with to prove their mind and body fitness if they want to go onboard.
  • PEME is more than just a paper; it is the foundation of the crewmember’s wellbeing and safety onboard.

The Swedish Club is expanding its Pre-employment Medical Examination (PEME) program, focusing on the health and wellbeing of seafarers, reports Safety4sea.

Focus on the health and wellbeing of seafarers

According to the Club, the enhanced PEME goes beyond basic requirements. It aims to identify potential health issues that could jeopardize a crew member’s well-being while on board. This program, in place since 2010 and initially limited to the Philippines, has received positive feedback.

Now, the Club is extending its enhanced PEME to several seafaring nations, including India, Ukraine, and Indonesia.

Johan Kahlmeter, Director of Claims at The Swedish Club, highlights the significance of the PEME’s quality, clinics, and examining physicians in reducing liability for employers.

Apart from the seafarer’s own wellbeing and safety which is key, it is easy to appreciate the risks imposed on colleagues, the operation of the vessel including commercial disruption, and the Environment,” said Johan Kahlmeter.

As informed, the Club has partnered with the Marine Advisory Medical Service to manage the expanded PEME program and ensure the quality of delivery.

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Source: Safety4sea