Swedish Club Issues New Bunker Alerts for Next-gen Loss Prevention


  • An updated version of The Swedish Club’s Trade Enabling Loss Prevention tool (TELP) now offers its members targeted bunker alerts.
  • The guidelines warns vessels of fuel quality issues reported at global ports.

A new release of The Swedish Club’s Trade Enabling Loss Prevention tool (TELP), the next generation of loss prevention, has just been launched to Club members.

Fuel testing service

The service, which is free of charge to members of The Swedish Club, has been developed in association with fuel testing agency VPS.

Peter Stålberg, Senior Technical Advisor at The Swedish Club, commented: ‘It’s really all about following best practice, and optimum loss prevention processes. A vessel heading for a port known to have fuel quality concerns needs to be extra vigilant. Receiving advance warning of potential issues with fuel quality really puts the spotlight on the importance of good sampling routines.

Improving loss prevention

He continued: TELP is an intelligent system,” says Stålberg. “We deliver information only when relevant and timely to the vessel’s current voyage pattern. This avoids the danger of information overkill, and coupled with the other personalised services we are able to deliver to members during a voyage – information on dangerous hotspots, correspondents’ updates on local issues, and advice on COVID-19 restrictions – we are really seeing TELP coming into its own as a major force in the drive to improve loss prevention.

As well as the new bunker alert functionality, TELP also offers correspondents advice, piracy alerts and claims alerts.

TELP loss prevention advice includes:

  • Bunker Alerts
  • Correspondents Advice
  • Piracy Alerts
  • Claims Alerts

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Source: The Swedish Club


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