Swift Response Ensures Safe Evacuation After Ferry Incident


In a swift and coordinated response, all available resources, including the Italian Coast Guard, multiple police units, and the fire brigade, were deployed to handle an incident involving a ferry with 76 passengers and four crew members on board. Thanks to their efforts, all passengers were safely evacuated without serious injuries.

Coordinated Evacuation Efforts

The emergency response teams worked together efficiently to evacuate all passengers into life rafts. These rafts were then transferred to shore on patrol boats. Authorities confirmed that there were no serious injuries among the passengers, including five children.

Medical Precautions Taken

Ambulances and medical teams were on standby to provide immediate assistance. As a precaution, six people were taken to the hospital for further evaluation, ensuring that any potential health concerns were promptly addressed.

Incident Management and Investigation

While the exact cause of the incident remains unknown, some speculations point to a large wave swamping the ferry. Despite the vessel’s precarious position, it remained afloat. Rescue teams, along with a tugboat, worked diligently to bring the ferry to port safely.

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