Sword Fish Kills Fisherman



Hawaii is a major source of the domestic swordfish catch in the United States. A fisherman jumped into the water with a spear gun to kill a sword fish.  But the sword fish was a bit too quick for him and killed him.  It is legendary that swordfish are swift, ferocious, and slash prey with their broadbills.

On Friday, Randy Llanes, 47,  who runs a deep sea fishing charter spotted a broadbill swordfish. He boldly jumped in the water at Honokohau Harbour on the Big Island with a speargun.

After investigation, the Hawaii Police Department said that the badly wounded swordfish thrashed about and caused a puncture in the upper chest of the victim.

Another official, said that the fish got wrapped around a mooring anchor, came back and swam at him.  It was no accident.  Despite immediate CPR attention, Llanes, died at a hospital due to the swordfish.

The fish was about 6 feet long, half of which was its bill, and weighed about 40 pounds.


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