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Water network engineers can now model open channel flow with the new Synergi Water software.


Highlights of the new design:

  • A network of open channels transport water, particularly from collection systems to treatment plants.
  • Matches best with closed pipe networks in order to optimize the design and operations.
  • In the new model the closed pipe networks and open channel flow in steady state can be modelled directly within the same software.
  • A number of new features and enhancements that support the improvisation of the industry
  • The system is empowered to model the transport of more than one liquid in the same pipe network
  • The new feature allows engineers to run time dependent simulations of pipelines for gathering and transmission of petroleum liquid mixtures and batch transmission of petroleum liquids.

Latest improvised tools & Designs:

  • Improved user interface to support nested search results and improved map displays.
  • Find tool now has the capability to append results and new map colouring has been added to support pressure differentials.  In addition, enhancements to master scripting include pressure-dependent demands in the commands.


“We are excited to provide this capability in Synergi Water.  The pipe editor now includes a tab to specify the attributes of the open channel.  All of our users of Synergi Water now have the ability to model open channels using steady state analysis,” says Kyle Williams, Product Manager.

“I am proud to say that this release further extends our already comprehensive set of modules and analysis capabilities for water network and systems,” says Are Føllesdal Tjønn, CEO, DNV GL – Software.  “It strengthens our position as the leading provider of analysis tools for water network operators providing solutions for water pipeline network design, calibration and reliability analysis, and enables our users to do more of their required analyses within one solution, saving time, effort and money for our customers.”

Source: DNV GL


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