TABLE-LNG Tankers Headed To Belgium, Netherlands And Britain


The following LNG ships are anticipated to arrive in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Britain in the upcoming weeks as reported by Yahoo.

Arrival dates updated

Estimated arrival dates, often revised by port authorities and AIS Live ship-tracking data on Refinitiv Eikon, are updated below. Some tankers heading for Belgium and Britain may be loading at the terminal. Those expected to load are indicated with an (L). Those likely to perform ship-to-ship transfers are indicated with (STS). Tankers that have docked are indicated with (A). For the Reuters LNG guide, click here: LNG TANKER CAPACITY in EXPECTED ARRIVAL FROM PORT cubic metres BRITAIN LNG River Orashi 143,000 July 16 (A) Nigeria Isle of Grain Pearl LNG 156,000 July 20 Peru Milford Haven Al Mayeda 262,000 July 21 Qatar South Hook Al Gharrafa 212,000 July 24 Qatar South Hook Al Ghuwairiya 258,000 July 30 Qatar Milford Haven BELGIUM Al Zubarah 136,000 July 19 (A) Qatar Zeebrugge Hoegh Gannet 170,000 July 21 Ghana Zeebrugge Clean Horizon 159,000 July 23 Russia Zeebrugge Dorado LNG 156,000 July 26 Qatar Zeebrugge NETHERLANDS Oak Spirit 173,000 July 18 (A) United States Gate Stena Crystal Sky 173,000 July 21 United States Gate Gaslog Gladstone 171,000 July 24 United States Gate Golar Celsius 160,000 July 28 United States Gate La Mancha Knutsen 174,000 July 30 United States Gate Sources: Ports, AIS Live ship tracking, Refinitiv Eikon data. (^) Partial unload (*) Arrival date calculated using at an average speed of 13.5 knots 


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Source: Yahoo


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