Taiwan, Japan, China and South Korea Brace for Super Typhoon Attack


Taiwan and Japan’s Ryukyu Islands Brace for Flooding Rain, Winds Over 160 km/h from Strengthening Nepartak

Super Typhoon Nepartak will target northern Taiwan and Japan’s southern Ryukyu Islands with flooding rain and damaging winds later this week.

Eastern China and South Korea will also be threatened.

Nepartak continues to gain strength after ending the record for longest stretch without a named tropical storm in the northwestern Pacific Ocean on Sunday.

The storm reached Super-typhoon status early Wednesday local time.

Lives and property will be severely threatened as Nepartak tracks dangerously close to the Ryukyu Islands of Yaeyama and Miyako and northern Taiwan later this week.

These areas will face flooding rainfall of 125-250 mm (5-10 inches) and destructive winds of 160-210 kph (100-130 mph), according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Adam Douty.

Seas will become dangerously rough for shipping interests around the islands as Nepartak approaches.  The islands will also be subject to coastal flooding, especially near and north of Nepartak’s track.

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Source: AccuWeather


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