Tanker And Ferry Collides


Storm Causes Collision In Sunda Strait


Accident: Collision
Vessel Type: A tanker and a passenger ferry
Location: Off Cilegon oil terminals, Indonesia
Casualties/Pollution: Nil

The tanker and the ferry dragged anchors and collided in Sunda Strait.  They both stuck together in a shallow as well.  The bad weather and strong winds were the reason for the collision with anchors down.

The local authorities responded to the scene by dispatching tug to the collision site.  The authorities tried to refloat both the ship and ferry but the attempt failed due to the split anchor chains.  A bigger tug was ordered to refloat the stuck ships.

Both the ships suffered damages – breach in the hull due to grounding. According to the reports, there were no casualties or pollution. The investigation as well as the salvage operation are underway.

Source: serambibanten