A Tanker to Become an Artificial Reef! Ready to be Sunk Off Pompano



  • A ship complete with underwater art exhibits, is scheduled to be sunk on July 23.
  • The 324-foot Lady Luck, a tanker ship formerly known as Newtown Creek, will be the centerpiece of what will become Shipwreck Park.
  • The ship is expected to draw 35-thousand divers annually.

The ship was towed from New York City to a facility on the Miami River where she is being cleaned and prepped for sinking.  Once prepped, Lady Luck will be docked at Port Everglades before being towed to her final destination and sunk off the coast of Pompano Beach.

The Shipwreck Park will have 17 wrecks covered with marine life.  The Lady Luck will be sunk with her hull resting in the sand in about 120 feet of water with the top of her stack about 50 feet under the surface, all within recreational diving limits.

Divers will be allowed to visit the sunken ship almost immediately after its sinking. Interesting features of the sunken tanker ship will be 16 staterooms, the captain’s deck, galley, engine room, tanker holding bays and rotating underwater art exhibits.

“Our mission, starting with Lady Luck, is to preserve the reef ecosystem by developing this underwater cultural arts park as a significant dive attraction,” said Shipwreck Park, Inc. chairman Greg Harrison.   “We think divers worldwide will love this new artificial reef, and we expect the popularity of Shipwreck Park to take pressure off of the natural coral reefs nearby.”

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Source: South Florida Reporter


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