Tanker Collides with a Ferry at Hakodate Harbor



On November 13, an oil products tanker “Taiko Maru” collided with passenger ferry “Asakaze No 5” at Hakodate Harbor, Japan.

The ferry, carrying 30 passengers on board, was leaving the port bound for Aomori. Unfortunately the ferry crossed routes with the tanker and both the ships collided.  In spite of the best last minute efforts from the skippers of both the ships  the two ships could not avert a minor collision.

The ferry’s starboard got hit by the bow of the oil products tanker at very slow speed and hence did not result in much damages.  The accident was reported to the local authorities and after short inspection both the vessels were released for operations.

There were no injuries on board nor any oil leaks reported from the vessels.  The local authorities started investigating the accident.  Eyewitness describes it as just a touch and go incident.

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Source: Deita