Tanker Engine Room Fire, 2 Crew Dead


Two crew members were critically injured when a fire broke out in a product tanker off the coast of Portugal as reported by Maritime Bulletin

Fire breaks out

On the night of November 22nd, a fire broke out in the product tanker’s engine room off the coast of Portugal in the Atlantic. Two crew members were seriously injured and medevaced by a Portugal Air Force helicopter. 


They were rushed to the hospital, but they died the next morning, November 23, as a result of their injuries. Two Portuguese Navy ships are stationed nearby to keep a watch on the tanker, which is disabled and floating. It’s unclear whether the crew was able to put out the fire; most likely, the engine room has been secured and the firefighting system has been triggered. With towage pending, the tanker is en route from Haifa, Israel, to Amsterdam.

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Source: Maritime Bulletin


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