Tanker Explosion Throws Worker 80 Metres



On Wednesday, the product tanker Nona Tang II exploded at the Port of Batu Ampar, Batam, Indonesia, killing one dock worker and critically injuring at least two others.

The explosion sent a shock wave that could be heard for miles.

Four workers who were reportedly welding a leaking pipe in the tanker, died when sparks met the fumes from the oil pipe. Due to the impact of the explosion one victim was reportedly thrown 80 metres away from the Indonesian owned ship.

The emergency services responded to the scene of the accident with fire fighting monitors. Four fire engines from the local government joined the effort, and they managed to put out the fire after a long battle.

The ship was still reportedly ablaze well into the evening; the tanker is currently docked at the Riau Islands on the vital trade route of the Singapore Strait.

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Source: Tribun Batam


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