Tanker to be Lightered and Raise Grounded Ship


On June 17 more than 200 tons of fuel were to be pumped into aft tanks in order to lighten and raise the bow of the grounded “Chemroad Journey”.

What happened?

About 10,000 tons of cargo, consisting of the chemicals Butyraldehyde, Ethylene Glycol, Ethyl Hexanol and Ethanol Amine, were to be siphoned to a lighter tanker at the grounding site in position 10 02N 108 58E, 28 miles south of Phu Quy island.

Tug dispatched:

The tug “Minh Hoang 06” had transferred nine people, including salvage personnel, engineers, representatives of ship owners and shipping agents to the accident site, among them six Japanese, two Koreans and one Vietnamese.

Water ingress reported:

The ship was tilting 15.5 degrees to port side and had water ingress in a ballast tank at the bow. The initial inspection showed that one quarter of the bow was stuck on the bottom and the outer hull was torn in some places.

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Source: Tin tuc Infonet


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