Tanker Manager Invests in Contract Management Solution


Spring Marine Management has invested in maritime software to improve efficiencies and create synergies between team members as the shipping industry adapts to greater environmental regulation, reports Riviera.


Spring Marine, a manager of oil and chemical tankers and bulk carriers, is using Veson Nautical’s commercial contract management solution IMOS platform to attain a long-standing presence in the markets with repeat charters. It also plans to improve its position as a competitive shipping company by placing information and management for commercial contracts in one resource.

Spring Marine Management ICT officer Konstantinos Zacharias said the company needs the software to evolve its business as the shipping industry reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

“As we look forward to the future, impending new regulations regarding carbon emissions present a need for shipping companies to change,” said Mr Zacharias.

Implanting energy efficiency measures

Spring Marine intends to implement energy-efficiency measures for ship operations and maintenance to help vessel operators reduce emissions.

“In today’s ever-changing workplace, it is important to have technology that can evolve as quickly as your business,” said Mr Zacharias.

We expect Veson IMOS to play an important role in these changes by driving improvements to our existing business processes, increasing productivity and profitability, and developing new solutions to support new needs.”

Veson IMOS brings digital tools available to Spring Marine under a common platform enabling better communication between its staff.

“Spring Marine has joined the Veson community at a time when its business is rapidly expanding,” said Veson Nautical commercial sales manager Stavros Vavasis.

“This is only the start of our journey and we are looking forward to working together on the growth opportunities that are available to this talented organisation,” he said.

“Spring Marine understands that, as its business evolves, it is critical to work with a technology partner that can stay on pace to support long-term strategies for profitable and sustainable operations.”

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Source: Riviera


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