Tanker Runs into Engine Trouble Due to Dirty Fuel


On December 20, a tanker reportedly ran into engine trouble caused due to a dirty fuel and ultimately lost its engine power and started running adrift.

What happened?

The tanker ‘Palladiy’ reportedly encountered an engine problem caused by dirty fuel. The crew members tried to continue the voyage at a reduced speed, east of Simushir Island, Kuril Islands. The tanker was enroute from Petropavlovsk to Vladivostok when the incident occurred.  

Loses engine power:

However, on December 24, the vessel allegedly lost its engine power and started to run adrift. The captain if the vessel alerted the MRCC Petropavlovsk officials who directed a nearby trawler to assist the disabled tanker.

The trawler was successful in attempting to tow the trawler to the sheltered waters in Simushir island. The tanker’s crew managed to restart engine and reached the bay Zaliv Korfa at the western coast of Simushir under its own power. The tanker is currently anchored at the bay until further repairs.

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Source: Vostokmedia


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