Tanker Software Platform Adds Two Extra Satellite AIS Providers


Satellite AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a vessel identification system that is used for collision avoidance, identification and location information. Two such AIS systems have been implemented in the AXSMarine for maritime analytics, says an article published in Tanker Shipping and Trade.


With the AXSMarine, it is possible to analyze the commodity movements covering tankers and liners at both micro and macro levels.

The AXSMarine employs Spire Maritime’s AIS data, with which data can be monitored with respect to Trade Flow module.

Fast growing nanosatellites

Jacques Goudchaux, the CEO of AXSMarine, said  that with the addition of the satellite AIS data feed by Spire, AIS-derived maritime intelligence can be enriched. Spire’s fast-growing nanosatellites will aid users relying on the analytical and chartering solutions on a daily basis, to support strategic decisions.

Customer reach and services

Spire Maritime general manager John Lusk, said “We are extremely excited to add AXSMarine to the growing family of companies using our maritime data to increase their services and reach.”

Together, Spire Maritime and AXSMarine deliver real-time data and insights for the maritime world. In addition to predictive data, features that detect vessel ownership and provide historical data on vessel usage or cargo patterns are provided.

Spire Maritime

Spire Maritime is a newly created division of space data analytics firm, Spire Global, the company behind developing the world’s largest Earth observation constellation of satellites for advanced weather data, maritime analytics, and aircraft tracking.

Deal with exactEarth

AXSMarine has also signed a new deal with exactEarth to improve satellite AIS coverage by adding exactView RT powered by Harris.

Consequently, a high volume of real-time AIS data will be collected aboard the Iridium NEXT satellites constellation.

Vessel Updates in a minute

The exactView RT delivers all vessel and voyage updates in less than a minute. With this latest improvement, AXSMarine can deliver permanent and consistent monitoring of ships’ movements which will help the users to obtain:

  • Access refined and actionable information
  • Benefit from the most complete and up-to-date vessel information.
  • Take immediate actions, armed with real-time global ship tracking.

“We are delighted to improve our AIS coverage and big data analytical solutions with the addition of exactView RT,” said Mr Goudchaux.

He added that they are continuously working to better the accuracy of the models as Shipping and commodity markets expect more accuracy. And all users can benefit of this extra coverage at no extra cost.

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Source: Tankershipping


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