Tankers Mooring Line Tangles with Tug’s Propellers


On November 17, a tug boat reportedly capsized while providing assistance to a tanker which was in pilot.

What happened?

The tug boat ‘Uqoyi’ was involved in tanker assistance operation with two other harbour tugs ‘Uthukela’ and ‘Lotheni’. The tanker ‘Gan Trust’ was being assisted to berth at Island View 6 in Durban.

Mooring lines become tangled:

The tankers mooring lines which were secured to the tugboat ‘Uqoyi’ became tangled around the tug’s propellers which resulted in the boat capsizing. During the capsizing of the tugboat several personnel from TNPA present onboard the vessel were thrown into water.

The were swiftly rescued and were taken to hospital for further treatment and were discharged shortly. The traffic to the port was affected while the other tugs were assessed for safety.

An investigation has been initiated to look into the capsizing incident by the South African Maritime Safety Authority.

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Source: Africa Ports


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