Task force towards emission-free ships


  • Establishment  of the task force for global Clean Energy Marine Hubs 
  • Actions towards decarbonization and zero-emission ships by 2030.

  Building the future of the shipping industry by putting the decolonization in mind, says an article in ICS 

Central idea 

  The summit happened in London on 23rd June 2022, the government official and eco of MNCs unanimously agreed to establish an international organization to decarbonize the shipping industry 

  A large number of industry leaders participated in the summit to put a hand on the decarbonating agenda. All the officials agreed to establish a cross-sectional platform to grant clean fuel for global transport 

  Attendees agreed to the road map to tackle the carbonation faced by the energy and shipping sectors. Summoned by the international chamber of shipping the summit focused majorly on immediate  actions that transit industries to green fuel and technologies 

 Clean Energy Marine Hubs Initiative’ (CEMH), to coordinate and join decarbonization efforts from ports, shipping companies, and energy firms. upcoming Clean Energy Ministerial of 29 energy ministers from leading governments. And the global hubs gets stronger and the energy sector will get linked to the maritime value chain and unlocks the development of clean energy.

  Officials agreed to rapidly prioritise R&D for innovating low and zero-carbon fuels and technologies. R&D industry officials decided to take unilateral approach to explore and develop other forms of collaborative coalitions.

Patrick Verhoeven Managing Director of the International Association of Ports and Harbours said:

“The global port community has a responsibility to offer refuelling hubs for maritime transport and also has a great opportunity to facilitate the trade of green fuels. No one industry can achieve the world’s decarbonisation goals independently; platforms such as this which promise to bring us together will be crucial to making those goals a reality.”

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Source: International Chamber of shipping  


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