Mr Tin Tun

Fully qualified marine engineer officer, steam and motor,….



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, with 8 years as Chief Engineer on cargo liners and over 30 years ashore as fleet manager, marine surveyor and engineer examiner, the latter two in singapore

Thinking Out of Box – to Solve Shipboard Problems!

A 15-year old ship had one of its genset’s engine vibration damper damaged.  It was not the viscous sealed type.  It used elastomer or rubber compound bonded to two steel discs and metal brackets with one disc connected to the crankshaft.  The rubber compound was failing.  The ship had only two gensets so the ship […]


A Layman Solved What Engineers Can’t – A Real Life Story!

When you experience technical problems and you are unable to fix the problem yourself, what do you do? If you are the Chief Engineer on board a ship, you have your Engineer Superintendent or Fleet Manager in the office to turn to for help.  They may advise you how to fix the problem or they […]


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