Suresh v. Godbole


Suresh Godbole PhotSURESH V. GODBOLE,

Steam & Motor 1st Class M.O.T. Certificate, C.Engr., F.I Mar. E C.E.O Marine Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Martek Engineering Works, Marman Engineering & Shipbuilding Pvt. Ltd.,

Passed out from D.M.E.T. in the year 1961 after completing 4 years course in Marine Engineering between 1957- 61.Commenced sea carrier joining The Great Eastern Shipping as Junior Engineer. ….

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Bid Good Bye to sea carrier in the year 1971 after having served as Chief Engineer for 5 years. Sailed both on Motor as well as on Steam ships. Had an opportunity to closely observe New Building Construction as well as repair techniques adopted in Japanese Yards. Stepped ashore to start a new concept of repairs by FLYING SQUADS. Impressed by our work technique, the local service station engineer of Burmeister & wain arranged a special training programme for self at their Copenhagen works in the year 1974. Over the years built up the strength of our repair team by regular technical inputs to enhance their knowledge to keep up with latest innovations in repair techniques. Today we are 45 years old & proud to say that the leading Ship Owners & Technical Managers consider us as dependable work force.

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