Technip Energies Acquires Le Havre FSRU Job


  • Paris-based LNG engineering giant Technip Energies said it has won a contract from compatriot TotalEnergies to provide a marine loading arm for the proposed FSRU-based import terminal in Le Havre.
  • According to a statement by Technip Energies, the offloading solution would be installed on Bougainville dock in Le Havre.
  • It will consist of the marine loading arm to transfer regasified LNG from the FSRU to the shore.

A recent news article published in the LNG prime states that Technip Energies wins Le Havre FSRU job from TotalEnergies.

Strengthening France’s energy independence

TotalEnergies and the French Ministry of Ecological Transition launched this project in order to strengthen France’s energy independence by increasing LNG imports and ultimately mitigate the impact of a potential reduction of gas deliveries by pipeline, the firm said.

The FSRU project in Le Havre could allow France to increase its regasification capacity by around 5 billion cubic meters per.

This corresponds to the average annual gas consumption of more than 4 million households in France, Technip Energies said.

Manufacture, and test the loading

Also, the firm said it would design, manufacture, and test the loading arm at its loading systems plant in Sens, France.

Technip Energies did not provide the price tag of the deal or any additional information regarding the project.

Details from previous reports

Previous reports suggested that TotalEnergies expects to launch this fast-track project in 2023.

This would be France’s first FSRU-based facility as the country currently imports LNG via four onshore terminals.

Elengy operates the Fos Tonkin and Fos Cavaou LNG terminals on the Mediterranean coast, and the Montoir-de-Bretagne facility on the Atlantic coast, while Dunkerque LNG gets the fuel at the plant in the port of Dunkrik.

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Source: LNG Prime


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