Technology Hinders At Sea warns P&I Club



North P&I Club has issued warnings that:

  • The technologies we use at sea such as video calls, emails, mobile devices are more of a hinderance than help;
  • Devices such as 3D scanners and printers are being used to clone and replace the security seals that have been broken after criminals have raided shipping containers,

Tony Baker, the Club’s loss prevention director, said: ‘While many ships now offer technology such as satellite video calling to keep crews in touch with loved ones back home, care should be taken to ensure this does not make matters worse.  For some seafarers, having easy access to friends, family and their ongoing domestic problems could lead to increased anxiety compared to the traditional clean break of departure.’

Deputy loss prevention director Colin Gillespie said: “The seals can be made within 10 minutes and include all the relevant identification marks, so thefts may remain undetected until containers reach their final destinations.”

Another major problem detected is the ‘email fraud’ leading to fraudulent misdirection of payments due under charterparties and other shipping contracts.

Gillespie said: ‘Good, common-sense IT security is the key defence to protecting the financial interests of everybody involved in shipping transactions.’

It is advised that the digital technology on board should not replace the vital shipboard activities such as social interaction, team building and a hands-on, common-sense approach to safety and security.

Source: North of England P&I Club


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