TECO 2030 Moves Ahead on Fuel Cell Stack Technology

Credit: galen-crout-0ZGLna-unsplash

Scandinavian marine technology consortium TECO 2030 has produced its first manual fuel cell stack for marine and heavy duty use, the company has said, reports Ship And Bunker.

About the project

The company will now move into commercial production of the technology.

“We are making the transition into commercial production of the first fuel cell stacks at our own facility in Narvik,” said group chief executive Tore Enger.

“Today we can offer the first bottom-up developed marine and heavy-duty PEM fuel cell technology,” Enger added.

The technology will go first to a land-based hydro power project. After that the focus will be the production of fuel stacks for the HyEkoTank project.

This project will demonstrate a 2.4MW marine fuel cell system for a retrofit installation onboard a product tanker owned by Tarbit Shipping sailing on charter to a Shell subsidiary, according to TECO 2030.

Battery power is one of a number of alternative energies  being developed for the marine industry. Typically, this type of energy favours ferries or vessels plying defined routes.

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Source: Ship And Bunker


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