Teenager Dies Of Covid on the Day She Was Due Jab


A 15-year-old girl, Jorja , has died from Covid-19 on the day she was due to be vaccinated, reports BBC.

Jorja’s COVID journey 

Jorja Halliday, from Portsmouth, is the eldest of five siblings. She is a GCSE student, who was a loving girl, talented kickboxer and aspiring musician.

She took a PCR test which was positive so she began to isolate at home and also cancelled her vaccine appointment. She developed flu-like symptoms.

Jorja’s symptoms continued to worsen and by Monday she couldn’t eat because her throat hurt, at which point she was given antibiotics.

Ms. Halliday said her daughter’s condition worsened and when she was seen by a doctor they admitted her to hospital because her heart rate was “double what it should have been”.

Preliminary results after she was admitted to hospital indicated Jorja had Covid myocarditis, heart inflammation caused by the virus.

Hospital staff tried to put Jorja on a ventilator so her body could recover, but Ms Halliday, her mother, said her heart rate didn’t stabilize and “couldn’t take the strain”.

Jorja’s Death

She died at the Queen Alexandra Hospital on Tuesday, four days after she received a positive PCR test result.

Ms. Halliday said her daughter’s death was “heart-wrenching” but she praised hospital staff who did “everything they could to save her”.

She said: “They realized how serious it was and I was still allowed to touch her, hold her hand, hug her and everything else. They did allow me that. I’m at the point where I can’t comprehend that it’s happened. I was with her the whole time.”

Ms. Halliday added: “Growing up she turned into a beautiful young lady, always wanting to help others, always there for everybody. It’s heart-wrenching because your kids are always meant to outlive you, and that’s the one thing I can’t get over.”

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Source: BBC


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