Telenor Maritime and Globetech Forge Dynamic Collaboration

Credit: Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels

Collaboration Agreement Strengthens Business Development

Telenor Maritime and Globetech AS have entered into a collaboration agreement. The agreement aims to enhance business development opportunities and increase market access for both partners.

Complementary Expertise Benefits Maritime Industry

Globetech is a leading provider of ICT technology and services for vessels and offshore installations worldwide. Telenor Maritime specializes in connectivity solutions for the maritime industry. Their expertise complements each other, allowing for a wider range of quality solutions.

Development of High-Quality Connectivity Solutions

The partners will combine their technical expertise to meet the rising demand for high-quality, high-capacity connectivity. The focus will be on developing solutions with a cyber-secure and redundant IT infrastructure. Use case reviews will be conducted to identify suitable joint products and services for promotion. A go-to-market plan will be established for shared products and services.

Continuation of Informal Cooperation

The collaboration agreement builds upon a thriving informal cooperation between the two companies for the past 5 years. In December 2021, they signed a Letter of Intent Agreement to explore cooperation opportunities. The successful collaboration cases and product match led to the formalization of the partnership.

Shared Interests and Successful Collaborations

Telenor Maritime’s strong market position and expertise complement Globetech’s business. The companies have common interests and minimal market competition. Choosing Telenor Maritime as a partner was a natural decision due to previous successful collaborations. Overall, the collaboration between Telenor Maritime and Globetech AS strengthens their market presence and allows for the development of innovative connectivity solutions for the maritime industry. Their complementary expertise and shared interests provide greater value to customers and enable the offering of tailored solutions.


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Source: Telenor