Ten Vessels’ Bidding Announcement For Demolition Sale

credit: Venti views_unsplash

We (the Seller or “Seller”) hereby announce for putting Ten(10) containerships up for
demolition Sale.


Your reputable & capable company (the Buyer or “Buyer”) who are interested are welcomed to join the Bid for the vessel pursuant to the following details and requirements herein:
The interested Bidder submit price for demolition Sale and shall be deemed to be fully aware of, accepting and complying with the contents of this announcement and the measures for the implementation of the bidding. And shall submit their bid with the vessel number and vessel name.

Upon the comprehensive evaluation including but not limited to Price and Market
Competition in the future, the Seller in its sole discretion, will select those better bids into 2nd round of bidding. If you are in the shortlist, you will be required to provide your better offer in the 2nd round of bidding and we will select the best bid with most benefit to Seller then revert the Seller’ decision to the Winning Bidder. Read More

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Source: Ten Vessel