Terror at Sea: Cruise Ship Evacuated After Decks are Flooded

Credits: Daily Mail

A cruise ship was flooded, and passengers evacuated after it sailed directly into a storm pounding the coast of South Carolina, reports MSN.

Flooded cruise ship

Passengers aboard the Carnival Sunshine posted videos showing flooded hallways, downed pipes and toppled doors as the ship prepared to dock in Charleston on Saturday.

Crew members were forced to evacuate their rooms, while several passengers complained they were starting to feel sick during the ‘nightmare’ voyage as they awaited communication from the captain.

The dangerous journey came as the National Weather Service warned of ‘treacherous’ boating conditions as a low-pressure system moved up the Atlantic coast.

Minor injuries were reported, and one passenger said, ‘you could smell people being sick walking down the halls.’

Those onboard the ship described how conditions worsened overnight Friday and into Saturday as the crew members stayed silent about what was happening.

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Source: MSN


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