Tesla Founder Elon Musk Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize


  • Elon Musk nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Norwegian MP Marius Nilsen.
  • Musk’s contributions to global connectivity and safety cited.
  • Norwegian MP Sofie Marhaug nominates Julian Assange for the same prize.

Elon Musk’s name was put forward for the Nobel Peace Prize by Norwegian libertarian MP Marius Nilsen citing his staunch support for open dialogue and free speech, reports First Post.

Musk nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Nilsen praised Musk’s contributions, stating that his companies, including Tesla and X, have played a role in making the world more connected and safer.

While the official list of Nobel Peace Prize nominees is yet to be disclosed, Nilsen’s endorsement of Musk’s candidacy highlights the Tela founder’s influence and impact on global affairs.

In a separate nomination, Norwegian MP Sofie Marhaug has proposed Julian Assange for the Peace Prize, lauding his efforts in exposing alleged Western war crimes. Marhaug believes that Assange’s revelations have contributed to promoting peace by shedding light on the realities of conflict and its consequences.

These nominations come amid ongoing debates about who should be considered for the prestigious award. Earlier this year, US Congresswoman Claudia Tenney nominated former President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, a move that has been met with both support and criticism.

Musk’s Neuralink update

Musk provided an update on his Neuralink project, revealing that the first human patient with a brain implant from the startup has successfully controlled a computer mouse using their thoughts.

Musk expressed optimism about the experiment’s progress, stating that the patient has shown no adverse effects and is demonstrating promising resuts.

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Source: First Post