Test Site for Autonomous Ships Opens in China


  • MoU signed in December 2017 to build the first test site for unmanned ships in Asia.
  • The 770 square km site is open for civilian and military applications since November 30th.
  • The site is located off the Wanshan Islands with 5.7 square km base situated on Xiaowanshan Island.

A test site for unmanned ships that is over 770 square kilometers in size off the coast of Zhuhai city in south China’s Guangdong Province was put into formal use on November 30th reports Xinhuanet.

Contract Details

The Zhuhai city government, China Classification Society, Wuhan University of Technology and Oceanalpha- an unmanned surface vessel company, signed a MoU in December 2017 to build the first test site for unmanned ships in Asia, said Lu Xiaofeng, deputy mayor of Zhuhai.

Location and Area

The test site, located off the Wanshan Islands, is open to both civilian and military applications. Its northern sea area is 21.6 square km, while the southern sea area is 750 square km. The base is on Xiaowanshan Island that is 5.7 square km.


  1. It is designed to emulate, test and verify functions of unmanned ships.
  2. Main functions include route planning, tracking, berthing, and departure.
  3. It also welcomes global industry-university-research cooperation.

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Source: Xinhua


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