TEU Tokens – First Cryptocurrency for Container Shipping is Launched


Container shipping could see the first widespread use of a cryptocurrency this week.

A Hong Kong-based blockchain developer, ETH Smart Contract Tech, will start distribution of its bespoke TEU tokens to shippers, forwarders and 3PLs under its 300 cubits project.

First-cum first served

The company will release some 20m TEU tokens, “custom-designed as digital shipping booking deposits, using smart contract blockchain technology, to solve the no-show and rolling problems plaguing the container shipping industry”, to container line customers for free – but on a first-come-first basis.

Interested shippers and forwarders need to demonstrate their eligibility for 300 cubits, and are currently restricted to those that bought slots in 2016.

The test

After passing the eligibility test, container line customers will allocate TEU tokens, based on how much they have spent with the lines, which cumulatively saw sales of $150bn in 2016.

“For example, if the eligible participant has paid $50m as freight payment directly to container lines during 2016, the eligible participant would be entitled to at least 0.03% [$50m as a % of $150bn, the revenue of the entire container shipping industry] of the TEU tokens to be distributed to the customers of container liners – about 6,667,” according to its prospectus.

300 cubits said the total supply of TEU tokens will be restricted to 100m.

In a Q&A in this week’s Alphaliner report, 300cubits co-founder Johnson Leung, said the technology could help solve the $23bn a year, shipment no-show problem that has plagued both carriers and their customers for years.

“Much of the no-show or rolling happens because the counterparties (carriers and shippers) handle bookings casually. The application of booking deposit will force both sides to seriously evaluate the possibility for thier booking. And the booking deposit could send useful signals well in advance on whether a booked shipment may happen,” Mr Leung told Alphaliner.

Expansion and Earnings

300 cubits will earn its money from a 0.7% transaction fee for every TEU token “committed” by lines and their customers.

A similar process will begin with making the tokens available to shipping lines, although this will be undertaken via one-on-one negotiations.

The company is also set to sell a further 18m TEU tokens to the general public by way of an initial coin offering (ICO) in March, although potential buyers will be subject to a know-your-customer vetting process.

The company is also developing a booking deposit system based on blockchain technology, which is due for launch on 15 June. A beta version is all set for release by next month.

The distribution of free tokens is set to about to end on 1 August 2018.

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