The Baltic and Maritime Council Redefines High Risk Area



BIMCO has agreed to revise the definition of the High Risk Area.

The High Risk Area is now defined as being bounded by:

In the Red Sea : Latitude 15degreesN
In the Gulf of Oman : Latitude 22degreesN
Eastern limit :  Longitude 065degreesE
Southern limit :  Latitude 5degreesS

The revisions are effective and will formally apply as of 1 December 2015, giving  shipping companies and crews sufficient time to adapt.

The revisions come into force immediately for voyages through the VRA and HRA, as the changes may have implications for charter party and insurance agreements as well as ship security.  The revisions will be provided on industry websites, including, as well as NATO Shipping Centre ( and MSCHOA (

A fully revised version of BMP 4 incorporating these changes will not be published.  But, a Notice to Mariners will be sent today (8 October) advising changes to Admiralty Chart Q6099 and a new version of the chart will be made available.

Registering at MSCHOA, reporting to UKMTO and implementing ship protection measures on the basis of a thorough risk assessment will remain essential.  Any slackening is likely to escalate pirate activities.  The shipping industry remains fully supportive of continued military deployments so long as the threat of pirate action groups exists.

Members are requested to pass on the amendment and guidance widely and immediately.


Source: BIMCO


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