The Biggest Container Vessel In Portuguese History!

Credits: Nathan Cima/ Unsplash

The container vessel dubbed MSC TESSA has reportedly set a milestone record as the greatest container vessel to berth at a port in Portugal to date, calling at the Port of Sines in Portugal on the dawn of 14 April this year on its maiden journey.

Increased Operational Capabilities

Spanning a length of about 400 meters with boasting a loading capacity of approximately 24,116 TEUs (20-foot Equivalent Units), the arrival of the mega vessel permitted PSA Sines to highlight the terminal’s operational capabilities when it comes to cargo handling, executing about 4,500 containers movements during the port stay of MSC TESSA.

Business Evolving

The MD of PSA Sines, Nichola Silveira, mentioned that the maritime business is evolving, and the key shipowners are now focusing on building more than 400 meters in length vessels. Currently, their terminal is the first and only Portuguese facility that can receive mega container vessels. To cater to the firm’s clients’ changing demands, their facilities are expanding to concurrently accommodate almost three mega container vessels at their terminals.

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Source: Marineinsight