The Crew Members of an Abandoned Vessel’s Long Story Is Finally Over

Credit: Dusan Stupar/Pexels

The small crew had very few options available to them while they were stranded and abandoned at sea for almost six months, with their yacht swinging at anchor via storms in Portland Bay, sweltering under a July sun, and rolling on severe swells, Marine Insight.

Communication is the key 

In order for the passengers to communicate with their families in the Philippines, the Portland Missions to Seafarers continued to deliver phone card supplies to the ship.

Since September 2022, the Liberian-flagged ship has apparently been anchored off the Portland coast in southwest Victoria.

Captain Roger Molinos said that while they were bored, seamen could still communicate with their families. The seafarer could talk to his wife and three kids every night. With the imaging phone, he could see them as well as they could see him. This blessing was extended by the Mission.

A fracture in the ship’s hull was discovered during a carefully planned expedition to bring cattle to China, and the mission was abandoned.


In December 2022, the Australian Federal Court issued an injunction pertaining to the vessel, concluding that its Chinese-based owners had allegedly abandoned her and the crew due to rising debts.

In January, some 20 crew members were allowed to leave the vessel. Whereas 16 were required to be on board and respond to emergencies under Australian legislation.

The final survivors in that core group announced that they will be able to travel home this next week.

Their loved ones have been told, their bags are packed, and flights are scheduled.

Briefly, according to Neville Manson, manager of Portland Mission to Seafarers, they are “elated.”

He said that they are glad to be returning home.


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Source: Marine Insight


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